Writing matters – Finding your voice with Linda Jaivin

Writing matters – Finding your voice with Linda Jaivin

The workshop: Acclaimed author Linda Jaivin will be talking to High School students on writing about what matters to them and how to put their passions on paper in this special practical and interactive event.

Whether you care about climate change, conservation, GLBT rights, education reform or any other social or political issue ― if you have ideas on how to make the world a better place or want to communicate them to the world ― then this is the workshop for you.

The presenter: We are incredibly proud have an author of Linda Jaivin’s calibre facilitating this special workshop.  Linda Jaivin is the internationally published author of ten books. Her fifth novel, The Infernal Optimist, a black comedy set in immigration detention, was short-listed for the Australian Literature Society’s Gold Medal. Her seventh novel, The Empress Lover, set in Beijing, came out in April this year and Beijing, a non-fiction guide to the city’s history and culture, is being released in June. Linda has also written the play Halal el Mashakel (published in Staging Asylum), the Villawood Detention Centre novel The Infernal Optimist and numerous other essays and stories about asylum seekers and refugees.

This is a wonderful opportunity for local students to engage in the writing process with such an inspiring and well-known author.

Make sure that you reserve your place!

Cost:     Free for High School students

Time:    2.30 pm to 4.30 pm Sunday 7 June Bookings essential

Venue:  Seabreeze Room, Coachhouse Marina Resort

Please bring:   Your charged-up i-pad, tablet, laptop or a pad and pencil – whatever you prefer to write with.

Linda Jaivin

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