Leah Kaminsky

Leah-KaminskyLeah Kaminsky is an award-winning writer and a practicing family physician. 

The author of several books, she conceived and edited Writer, M.D., a collection of prominent physician-writers. As their family doctor, Leah recently collaborated with Stephen and Sally Damiani, on the book Cracking the Code, to share the extraordinary efforts of a mother and father to save their son. The story of Cracking the Code and the Damiani family screened on Australian Story.

Stitching Things Together, is Leah’s award-winning collection of poetry. She is also Poetry & Fiction Editor for the Medical Journal of Australia and Online Editor at Hunger Mountain a Journal of the Arts

Leah’s novel The Waiting Room is about the holocaust and more ― scanning six decades across three countries and overflowing with stories. As Caroline Baum says: Leah Kaminsky knows the stress of a doctor’s life ― she is one.

This is why her debut novel about an Israeli GP has such an authentic flavour. We’re right there with the protagonist as she rushes about her duties and is living on high alert, ever vigilant for the next terrorist attack. The Waiting Room convincingly conveys all the intensity of Israeli everyday life. 

Leah will talk about her next book We’re all going to die which will be published in time for the September Festival. It is a joyful book about death.

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