Malcolm Knox

Malcolm-Knoxspan class=”s7″>Malcolm Knox is a Walkley-Award-winning journalist for his investigative journalism. He has worked for the Sydney Morning Herald since 1994 where he has held a number of positions, including chief cricket correspondent, assistant sport editor, and literary editor. In between he has managed to write seventeen books including five novels and many non-fiction titles.

Malkolm Knox’s works are critically acclaimed and many have been shortlisted of have won awards, including the Prime Minister’s Literary Award,the Commonwealth Book Prize, the Tasmanian Premier’s Award, the Graham Perkin Award for Journalism, and the Alex Buzo Prize for research. Malcolm has won the Ned Kelly Award for Best Crime Novel and the Colin Roderick Award by the Foundation of Australian Literary Studies.

Malcolm’s works include: Summerland, lauded as ‘A contemporary Australian The Great Gatsby’; 1788 words or less ― all the Australian history you need ― with characters like Dirk Warthog, Sir Henry National Parkes and Our Don BradpersonBoom: the underground history of Australia, from Gold rush to GFC; The Keepers: The players at the heart of Australian Cricket; Bradman’s War, about Australia’s legendary captain and the 1948 Invincibles team; The Wonder Lover about a man with three secret families who falls in love; and The Lifeabout a former champion surfing legend.

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