My Self Publishing Secrets

2258_MSPS_Small-LogoMy Self Publishing Secrets is a mentoring program for people who want to publish their own books

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Suitable both for both non-fiction and fiction authors, each week members receive an eclass with detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to self publish. Members have immediate access to over 100 supporting tutorials in eight different topic areas:

1. Writing Your Book Faster

2. Writing a Better Non-Fiction Book

3. Writing a Better Fiction Book

4. Editing Your Book Correctly

5. Formatting Your Book Beautifully

6. Publishing Your Book Professionally

7. Pricing, Selling and Marketing Your Book Profitably

8. Don’t Panic! Technical Assistance

Members also have access to a private Facebook self-publishing community to post successes and ask questions.

Director: Dr Philippa (Pippa) Carron 

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Pippa Carron is a professional technical writer who has written and edited numerous works of non-fiction and fiction over 35 years. She currently delivers a range of writing skills courses to public servants and in the private sector across Australia. She also provides one-on-one writing coaching and mentoring services, specialising in assisting people overcome writers block. More recently she has been working with fiction writing, editing and manuscript appraisal. An accomplished author, she is now helping people with self-publishing their books. Pippa is a member of the Canberra Society of Editors, the ACT Writers Centre and the Australian Society of AuthorsHe most recent books include ‘Doctor Pippa’s Writers Block Remedy’, ‘All You Need To Know About Writing Fiction’ and ‘All You Need To Know About Editing Fiction’ (in press).

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