Onwebnet IT and Web Services

OnWebNet-CardThis site is designed, developed, built, hosted and managed by OnWebNet Sites (http://onwebnet.org). OnWebNet IT & Web Services is owned and managed by Gary Kelly.

Welcome. OnWebNet Sites is a Network of Community, Business, Event and Individual Blog web sites designed to deliver your internet presence the way you want. It incorporates not only the functionality most needed to get you on the internet, but also hosting, design and development services, learning and training for IT and web activities, using web based online meeting and consulting services, and offering an excellent range of quality themes and tools to help you build your site, to build sites for others, or to get us to do it for you.

OnWebNet hosts a growing range of community, business and individual web sites. For full details of what the OnWebNet Community offers visit our website.

About Gary Kelly

IMG_3713-4Contact me to discuss how we can help you improve your web presence. Make the internet work for you.

I have built up a range of knowledge and skills over many years, and I want to use that to help you effectively use computers and the internet for your purposes.

My aim is to help those who have had limited knowledge, access or opportunity using the internet learn and develop the skills and know the ropes. I want to get you connected.

That could mean you as a small or growing business. It could mean you as someone who just never got time or had reason to use the internet or computers previously.

I want to explain the huge benefits and opportunities waiting there for you to access:

  • connection to friends and family, or to your community
  • linking to clients or suppliers
  • getting you or your business contactable on the internet
  • researching goods and services online, while
  • supporting your local community and businesses.

Unless your connected, your going to miss out.

I can also help you avoid the traps, tricks and pitfalls others set to separate you from your money (for a small fee :), or for free if you can’t afford it.

Using the OnWebNet community and business facilities I will be establishing a range of free or low cost community and information sites and services aimed at supporting communication and the creation or growth of community. I will also help business get established on the web at comparatively low cost.

This I hope will be good business? It will provide free services to those who couldn’t otherwise afford them. It will create new clients for me and others. And it may provide business for me when they want and can afford to upgrade.

If you want to use these facilities and services, or if you want to establish other facilities and services using OnWebNet capabilities, your welcome. Enjoy.

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