Rae Luckie

Rae-LuckieRae Luckie specialises in designing and facilitating writing projects for
community groups and writing groups, and editing 
for and mentoring individual writers.

Rae’s interest in teaching and preserving life stories is uppermost in her work,and she still attends workshops and professional training courses to keep up to date with the latest in writing and publishing. Rae has edited and published several anthologies of community writing including Belong in Broken Hill and Return to the Burma-Thailand Railway 1995—her autobiographical works have been published in anthologies including Best Australian Stories 2004Stories of Complicated GriefNo Thanks or Regrets; Illness in the Academy and More Stories from the Shed.

Rae will be presenting a workshop, Using memories to write life storiesduring the festival. At that workshop Rae draws on David Malouf’s book 12 Edmondstone Street, a remarkable book that combines autobiography with asense of the ways objects, and the places in which we live, build up our private maps of reality and shape our personal mythologies.

While writers focus on character and events in life story writing, place is sometimes neglected. Place is not just a physical location—places are imbued with memories. Our personal objects and souvenirs also hold memories and there is often a story behind our treasures. In this workshop, explore how sensory details can create settings that will evoke the era and mood to enhance your life stories.

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